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Sofa Clearance Event

Nubby Cement | Camden York Sofa

Camden York Sofa - Floor Model

Starting from $2,299.95 CAD $2,699.95 CAD

Nubby Cement
Livia Fawn | Camden York Sectional

Camden York Sectional - Floor Model

Starting from $3,999.95 CAD $5,199.95 CAD

Livia Fawn
Thomas Linen | Camden Taylor Sectional

Camden Taylor Sectional - Floor Model

Starting from $3,999.95 CAD $5,599.95 CAD

Thomas Linen
Delilah White | Camden Max Sofa

Camden Max Grand Sofa - Floor Model

Starting from $2,999.95 CAD $3,499.95 CAD

Delilah White
Tybee Segaul | Camden Maude Sectional

Camden Maude Sectional - Floor Model

Starting from $4,399.95 CAD $5,799.95 CAD

Tybee Segaul
Talbot Driftwood | Camden Manhattan Sofa

Camden Manhattan Sofa - Floor Model

Starting from $2,749.95 CAD $3,199.95 CAD

Talbot Driftwood
Vance Indigo | Camden Harper Sofa

Camden Harper Sofa - Floor Model

Starting from $2,399.95 CAD $2,799.95 CAD

Vance Indigo
Glinda Sage | Camden Harper Sectional

Camden Harper Sectional - Floor Model

Starting from $4,999.95 CAD $5,499.95 CAD

Glinda Sage
Variety Lake | Camden City Sectional

Camden City Sectional - Floor Model

Starting from $4,699.95 CAD $5,799.95 CAD

Variety Lake
Donald Charcoal | Camden Chelsey Sofa

Camden Chelsey Sofa - Floor Model

Starting from $2,599.95 CAD $2,999.95 CAD

Donald Charcoal
Deso Snow | Camden Breeze Sofa

Camden Breeze Sofa - Floor Model

Starting from $2,799.95 CAD $3,299.95 CAD

Deso Snow
Devote Moss | Camden Big Easy Sectional

Camden Big Easy Sectional - Floor Model

Starting from $6,799.95 CAD $8,399.95 CAD

Devote Moss

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