White | Sonos Boost
White | Sonos Boost
White | Sonos Boost
White | Sonos Boost

Sonos Boost

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The Sonos Boost is a must-have for homes with wi-fi that is sluggish, unreliable, limited in range or suffering from excessive interference. The Boost eliminates skips, drops or delays in your music streaming, irrespective of wi-fi reliability. This product boasts broadcast strength comparable to enterprise-grade routers. Employing three antennae, the Boost offers complete, 360 degree signals for your Sonos products through walls and ceilings. Additionally, by placing your Sonos products on their own network, the Boost neutralizes network interference from other devices that may negatively impact the performance of your Sonos products. For homes where the wi-fi cannot be depended upon for music streaming, depend on the Sonos Boost.

The Sonos Boost is available in White high-quality polycarbonate material only.

Sonos is widely known for the smart speakers it develops and manufactures. They began with a mission of making the world hear better, making listening out loud easier and more immersive and rewarding. Sonos products are known for their mesh networking with AES encryption (known as SonosNet) to allow the speakers to play music simultaneously in multiple rooms. The company currently offers several powered speakers, including four smart speakers, a television sound system and a subwoofer. It also offers products to drive unpowered speaker pairs and to link a Sonos system to conventional audio equipment such as amplifiers and CD players. A feature of Sonos whole house systems is the adoption of Amazon's Alexa as a third-party voice controller.

The Sonos Boost is part of the Sonos collection, which includes matching OneOne Wall Mount, Play 1, Play 3, Play 5, Play 1 Wall Mount, Play 5 Wall Mount, Play Bar, Play Bar Wall Mount, Play Base, Beam, Beam Wall Mount, Connect, Connect Amp and Sub.


Style/Type Sonos wireless booster
General Dimensions 1.3"H x 4.5"W x 4.5"D
Weight 0.19 kg
Finish White shown
Care Wipe with a clean soft cloth


  • No skips, delays or drops – even in homes with wireless problems
  • Comparable broadcast strength to expensive enterprise-grade routers
  • Offers complete, 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings
  • Neutralizes network interference from other wireless devices

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