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Reclining Chairs

Sauvage 552 Dove | Norwegian Comfort Chelsea

Norwegian Comfort Chelsea Recliner

Starting from $2,399.95 CAD

Sauvage 552 Dove
Trend 401 Tuxedo | Norwegian Comfort Paradise

Norwegian Comfort Paradise Recliner

Starting from $2,399.95 CAD

Trend 401 Tuxedo
Noblesse Tigereye Brown | Stressless Consul Classic Recliner

Stressless Consul Classic Recliner

Starting from $2,499.95 CAD

Noblesse Tigereye Brown
Trend 414 Pebble | Norwegian Comfort Boss

Norwegian Comfort Boss Recliner

Starting from $2,599.95 CAD

Trend 414 Pebble
Tan | Lee 1374 Chair

Lee 1374 Chair

Starting from $2,799.95 CAD

Ultra 506 Azure | Norwegian Comfort Space 5100

Norwegian Comfort Space 5100 Recliner

Starting from $2,799.96 CAD $3,499.95 CAD

Ultra 506 Azure
Trend 409 Cognac | Norwegian Comfort Denver

Norwegian Comfort Denver Recliner

Starting from $2,899.95 CAD

Trend 409 Cognac
Elite 601 Limousine | Norwegian Comfort Duke

Norwegian Comfort Luc Recliner

Starting from $2,899.95 CAD

Elite 601 Limousine
Paloma Apricot Orange | Stressless City Low Back Recliner

Stressless City Low Back Recliner

Starting from $2,899.95 CAD

Paloma Apricot Orange
Paloma Chocolate | Stressless Metro Low Recliner

Stressless Metro Low Back Recliner

Starting from $2,899.95 CAD

Paloma Chocolate
Paloma Henna | Stressless Capri LegComfort Recliner

Copy of Stressless Capri LegComfort Recliner

Starting from $2,899.95 CAD $5,799.95 CAD

Paloma Henna
Linea 618 Arancio | Norwegian Comfort Space 3600

Norwegian Comfort Space 3600 Recliner

Starting from $3,199.95 CAD

Linea 618 Arancio

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