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Stressless Reclining Chairs

Paloma Copper | Stressless Aura LegComfort Recliner

Stressless Aura LegComfort Recliner

Starting from $5,499.95 CAD

Paloma Copper
Paloma Copper | Stressless Aura Signature Recliner

Stressless Aura Signature Recliner

Starting from $5,399.95 CAD

Paloma Copper
Calido Aqua | Stressless Capri Classic Recliner

Stressless Capri Classic Recliner

Starting from $3,499.95 CAD

Calido Aqua
Paloma Henna | Stressless Capri LegComfort Recliner

Stressless Capri LegComfort Recliner

Starting from $5,399.95 CAD

Paloma Henna
Paloma Funghi | Stressless Capri Signature Recliner

Stressless Capri Signature Recliner

Starting from $5,199.95 CAD

Paloma Funghi
Paloma Apricot Orange | Stressless City High Back Recliner

Stressless City High Back Recliner

Starting from $3,399.95 CAD

Paloma Apricot Orange
Paloma Apricot Orange | Stressless City Low Back Recliner

Stressless City Low Back Recliner

Starting from $2,899.95 CAD

Paloma Apricot Orange
Noblesse Tigereye Brown | Stressless Consul Classic Recliner

Stressless Consul Classic Recliner

Starting from $2,499.95 CAD

Noblesse Tigereye Brown
Cori Fog | Stressless Consul LegComfort Recliner

Stressless Consul LegComfort Recliner

Starting from $3,399.95 CAD

Cori Fog
Cori Amarone | Stressless Consul Signature Recliner

Stressless Consul Signature Recliner

Starting from $3,199.95 CAD

Cori Amarone
Batick Beige | Stressless Crown Classic Recliner

Stressless Crown Classic Recliner

Starting from $3,799.95 CAD

Cori Fog
Paloma Olive | Crown LegComfort Recliner

Stressless Crown LegComfort Recliner

Starting from $4,699.95 CAD

Paloma Olive

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