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Stressless Sofas

Paloma Copper | Stressless E400 Sofa

Stressless E400 Sofa

Starting from $5,999.95 CAD

Paloma Copper
Paloma Light Grey | Stressless Oslo Sofa

Stressless Oslo Sofa

Starting from $2,899.95 CAD

Paloma Light Grey
Paloma Copper | Stressless E700 Sofa

Stressless E700 Sofa

Starting from $5,499.95 CAD

Paloma Copper
Paloma Copper | Stressless Eve Sofa

Stressless Eve Sofa

Starting from $3,799.95 CAD

Paloma Copper
Batick Wild Dove | Stressless Air Sofa

Stressless Air Sofa

Starting from $3,899.95 CAD

Batick Wild Dove
Calido Light Brown | Stressless E600 Sofa

Stressless E600 Sofa

Starting from $6,499.95 CAD

Calido Light Brown
Paloma Copper | Stressless Pause Sofa

Stressless Pause Sofa

Starting from $4,699.95 CAD

Paloma Copper
Batick Snow | Stressless E300 Sofa

Stressless E300 Sofa

Starting from $6,799.95 CAD

Batick Snow
Paloma Black | Stressless E200 Sofa

Stressless E200 Sofa

Starting from $6,299.95 CAD

Paloma Black
Paloma Camel | Stressless Wave Low Back Sofa

Stressless Wave Low Back Sofa

Starting from $4,399.95 CAD

Paloma Camel
Paloma Camel | Stressless Wave High Back Sofa

Stressless Wave High Back Sofa

Starting from $5,799.95 CAD

Paloma Camel
Paloma Vanilla | Stressless Eldorado Low Back Sofa

Stressless Eldorado Low Back Sofa

Starting from $6,799.95 CAD

Paloma Vanilla

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