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In five decades, Stressless has established itself as a global innovation leader in the luxury furniture industry. Every Stressless furniture piece promises you world-class comfort emphasizing superior design, craftsmanship, and technology throughout all phases of furniture development. Stressless furniture, manufactured in Norway, is stylish and durable, cherishable for generations. And Stressless proprietary technologies will keep you in exceptional comfort for decades to come.


No Contest: Stressless and the Competition

Why choose Stressless furniture vis-a-vis its competitors, imitators and outright knock-offs? What is it that distinguishes Stressless in so many ways?

First and foremost, Stressless recliners, sofas, office chairs and dining chairs are designed with you and your relaxation in mind. Choose from multiple sizes and configurations to find the perfect fit. Standard unique and integral systems ensure that you’ll experience comfort like you’ve never felt before.

#1 Industry Leading Technologies

Stressless never compromises on comfort, crafting best in class pieces differentiated with Stressless’ proprietary movement systems. Each piece of Stressless furniture expertly incorporates features that all competitors look to emulate. These patented systems are always evolving, the work of decades studying the human body and adapting furniture design, construction and functionalities with an eye to promoting your optimal health and comfort. In fact, the American Chiropractic Association has a longstanding endorsement of Stressless products and to the Stressless commitment to your optimal health.

#2 Beautiful Euro Styling

Stressless means striking furniture in a variety of styles to suit all tastes, spaces and budgets. The brand’s Norwegian heritage is proudly on display with each new creation. Scandinavian design is epitomized by simplistic, minimalist touches that lend a sophisticated flair in comfort luxury seating. Choose from cutting edge modern to time-honoured traditional styles, and customize the endless variations with exclusive finishing touches. 
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#3 Personalize

Personalize your ‘Stressless style’ with a wide range of options. You can customize the size, upholstery, base, wood and metal finishes and the optional accessories to make your Stressless piece truly unique to you. Stressless leather colours and types feature the highest-quality genuine leather with a distinctive lustre and feel, to durable finishes ideal for everyday use by the whole family, children and pets included!

#4 Time-Honoured Durability

Stressless has spent decades perfecting the art and science of designing and constructing furniture that is of the highest possible quality, built to last you a lifetime. You can reasonably expect a piece of Stressless furniture to look and function superbly for decades.
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#5 Guarantees Second to None

Stressless’ dual commitments to quality and customer satisfaction are evidenced by comprehensive guarantees against failure due to regular wear and materials. As a consumer, you benefit from a Stressless’ 10 year internal mechanism guarantee, as well as a 1 year guarantee on the leather upholstery.

#6 Unmatched Comfort: Unique & Integral Systems

Stressless furniture is celebrated for comfort and quality featuring the following unique and integral systems.

Structural Integrity - Every single Stressless piece incorporates a proprietary system of springs and a variety of molded foam components, married to a single continuous steel rod to support the entire structure. The steel rod is created using a special cold bending process which makes the steel more difficult to work, but when combined with the one-piece design results in a much more durable product.

Lumbar Support - Stressless knows that lumbar support may be the most important single factor in assessing the comfort a seat provides. Stressless devotes focused attention to creating furniture with optimal and adjustable lumbar support, because every person is different and so too are their ideal seating configurations, unique sitting position, posture and body type.

Comfort-Zones™ - Stressless’ unique employment of foam components, which Stressless calls Comfort-Zones™are molded directly over the steel base and feature precision perforations, resulting in identical air pockets for optimal balance and comfort. The exacting consistency in these air pockets creates a long-lasting, well-ventilated cushion that allows you to sink deeply into the enveloping comfort of Stressless’ brilliantly engineered pieces. This method of construction provides unique support at every angle. Two further layers of foam fashioned above the Comfort-Zones™ ensure the seat is fully functional and protected.

Patented Glide™ System - This system enables you to adjust your sitting position with your body weight with the setting of tension wheels. Stressless’ patented Glide™ intuitively adjusts to the weight of your body, giving you the support you need, when you need it, just where you need it.

360° Swivel Base - When it comes to side to side movement, the Stressless’ 360° swivel base featured on all recliners means rotating is just as comfortable and effortless as everything else you do in a Stressless seat. You can choose from three sizes and four swivel base heights for the perfect fit.

BalanceAdapt™ - The Stressless BalanceAdapt™ system gives you a soft, gentle rocking motion as your sitting angle adjusts to your every movement.

Patented ErgoAdapt™ - Stressless’ patented ErgoAdapt™ system makes it possible for sofas to offer the same intuitive comfort found in Stressless recliners. ErgoAdapt™ controls the tilt in the sofa back and seat to conform to your body’s most relaxed and ergonomically sound positioning, effortlessly, automatically and almost instantly.

Power™ - Stressless offers enhanced motorized functionality for ultimate ease and comfort on select models of recliners and sofas, such as the Mary, Max, Mike and Emily collections. The Stressless Plus™ system allows you to find the predefined “TV” and “sleep” positions by pushing one button.
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#7 Multiple Sizes & Configurations

Choose from multiple sizes so that everyone has the opportunity to experience unsurpassed relaxation, regardless of body shape and height. Mix and match Stressless pieces. Combine modular Stressless pieces to suit your living space, decor and style. 
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We invite you to discover the breathtaking comfort, brilliant engineering, uncompromising quality and thoughtful design of Stressless by visiting the Stressless showroom at Valley Ridge Furniture - an experience second to none in furniture shopping in the Maritimes. Sit, lie down, kneel, bounce, relax …. on a Stressless of your choice. We have Stressless recliners and sofas, in a wide variety of styles and colours for your daily living and leisure time enjoyment.

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